The Esplanade Avenue of the Creoles

The Esplanade Avenue of the Creoles tour will provide you with photogenic examples of the mansions built by the Creoles. Your guide will provide will provide you with an explanation of Creole culture while riding along picturesque Esplanade Avenue. You will learn about the different styles and unique elements of New Orleans architecture. you will visit St Louis # 3 Cemetery. There you will learn about our famous above the ground burial methods. From there it is off to City Park one the largest urban parks in the United States. City Park is home to the Museum of Art, Sculpture Gardens, Botanical Gardens and Storyland. While in the park you will have the opportunity to view some of the most beautiful Live Oak trees on the planet. You will stop at Bayou Saint John, the first port of entry for the city and learn its history. Then it is off to the magnificent Faubourg St. John neighborhood. Next will be the historic Treme neighborhood where you will learn of the Free people of Color and slavery in colonial New Orleans. Viewing the first African American church, St Augustine Catholic Church and the Tomb of the Unknown Slave before riding in front of the Backstreet Cultural Museum. The tour will wind through scenic Armstrong Park and finishing on the sacred grounds of Congo Square the birthplace of Jazz Music. The tour will finish in the center of the French Quarter where you will be able to begin to explore the many places you learned about on your tour.

This tour is approximately  10 miles and 3 hours.


This tour is designed for people who do some biking and are in good physical condition. Because this tours covers twice as much ground as the Esplanade tour it does not offer the narration. It will start like the Esplanade tour and follow the same route out through the cemetery and City Park where you will take the Bayou St. John bike path and pass by the Old Spanish Fort. Next is a scenic ride on the Lakeshore bike path out to the West End Park area. Then you will see the 17th Street Canal levee that failed during Hurricane Katrina. The Ride back to City Park will pass through the currently rebuilding, Lakeview neighborhood. After returning to City Park this tour will return on the same route as the Esplanade tour, going through the Faubourgs, St John and Treme and ending at Congo Square.

This tour is 20 miles and 3 hours. All participants must be comfortable on a bike in an urban setting and in good physical shape. The Ride is only offered at 8am.

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