Big Easy Bike Tours which offers intimate, historical and culturally informative bike tours of New Orleans with guidance and narration by a local tour guide. More intimate than any bus tour and able to cover much more ground than any walking tour.

There is no better way to tour the city than a Big Easy Bike Tour. You will experience a real feeling for the charming and unique neighborhoods of New Orleans. I will deliver the bicycles to your hotel and each will come equipped with a basket and bottle of water. All you will need are the sunglasses and camera.

All tours will start at the Mississippi River which is the reason the city was first built. The narration will include the history and development of New Orleans beginning in 1718. While touring you will be taken through three hundred years of fascinating multi-cultural history. You will see the Aqaurium, Holocaust Memorial, Jackson Square, Cafe Du Monde , Historic New Orleans French Market and the Frenchman Street Entertainment District.

I offer several tour options which are all very unique and some may be combined or customized to the participants interests. I travel with a maximum of six people in a group, with the exception of private group tours which can be up to twelve people. Please consider Big Easy Bike Tours for your next get together, bachelor, bachelorette, birthday parties etc… Please call Bob today for more information or to make a reservation.


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